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A forest is a large group of long trees, which include many kinds of grass, algae, shrubs, besides microorganisms, and lots of different animals.

The forest is an ecosystem in which a variety of living organisms coexist, and this ecosystem varies according to the type of forest itself.
There are different types of forests:
Coniferous forests, tidal forests, tropical rainforests
The importance of the forest:
It is a major source of air filtration, production of oxygen, the disposal of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide,
A forest is a suitable place for hiking, recuperating, getting rid of negative energy and a great place to have fun and spend beautiful times.
The Maintains ecological is a balance, works on climate moderation, and prevents global warming. Soften the atmosphere and increase humidity in the atmosphere,

It is an important center for environmental biodiversity of animals, plants, and birds Because the forest is considered its homeland.

This paragraph contains simple questions related to about the largest, smallest and the number of the forest around the world

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